These Badass Photos Of Modified Pontiac Fieros Make Us Want To Buy One

Of all the sports car nameplates to ever come from America, the Pontiac Fiero is easily the most polarizing. Just think about it, it’s a mid-engined sports car with a plastic interior and sleep-inducing performance, all wrapped up in a cheap-looking design that makes it look like a store-brand foreign sports car.

The Pontiac Fiero is one of the more interesting cars in that company’s history. It sold quite well with over 300,000 models moved over five years. Yet today, it’s recognized as one of the worst sports cars around. It’s a shame as it had a decent idea but was hurt by a weak engine and terrible materials. That resulted in the Fiero being discontinued in 1988, and its reputation since not that great.

Yet the car does have a following, particularly by folks looking to modify their machines. It’s common to see Fieros turned into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini replica or used for another car. But it’s more interesting to see some Fieros modified into genuinely fantastic machines. For most, it’s the exteriors that get changed while others boast some fine engine swaps and other touches to improve them. These ten modified Fieros show what a great car it could have been if Pontiac had made them this cool in the first place.

10 Pure Show


Usually, “show cars” live up to their name as lovely to look at but not as much to drive. But this 1984 Fiero is different. It received a custom rear end featuring the rear fascia of a 1988 Fiero, the spoiler of a Fiero GT, and customized tail lights sourced from a 1967 Corvette.

That’s a great look for the car, which is more vibrant than ever. Helping is customized vents and new wheels. This is one car that’s not just for show.

9 Blue Marvel


The blue and white design helps this 1987 Fiero GT catch the eye. The exteriors aren’t altered too much, but they’re still sleeker and look much better.

Under the hood is a Supercharged 3800 from a 2006 Pontiac GT, which, matched with some boosters, can enhance the hp closer to 300. The interiors are also redone, while the racing stripes make this an awesome ride to try out and not leave the rider feeling blue.

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8 Not-So-Mellow Yellow


It may look more like a supercar, but this in fact a 1988 Fiero GT. A Michigan man restored it in his father’s memory, and the result is a stunning machine. The exterior is gorgeous, with the bright yellow color shining well and the altered frame retaining the Fiero looks while making it resemble a more modern machine.

The additional V8 engine with turbo boosts brings it up to a possible 400 hp while still handling well. It comes together to a wonderful tribute to a car owner making this Fiero pure gold.

7 Restorod


This looks more like a Transformer car than the typical Fiero. The silver color stands out from the pack, and the lines have been adjusted to make it more striking like a 2000s supercar than a tired ’80s version. Better is how the materials used are lightweight so the performance on the road is much better than it normally would be.

The engine has gotten boosts along with supercharged to 250 hp, and the cruiser control upgraded too. It adds up to a Fiero restored to a hot model that truly transforms the ride.

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6 Track Day


The genius of this is that it resembles a track car but still quite obviously a Fiero. Most Fiero owners would agree the idea of it competing on a track is laughable to say the least. But this work by Steven T. Snyder is terrific, swapping out the engine for a Lumina V6 that gets a claimed 220 hp.

via Steven T Snyder

The real beauty is the exterior with the cool paint job, larger tires, and a race-car-ready number on the side. That massive spoiler on the rear is the icing on top to make this a Fiero that can truly go on the track.

5 Supercharged


The convertible models of the Fiero were rarer, but this 1987 model is a beauty. It looks so perfect as a convertible that it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t the original frame. Yet it works out beautifully to slide on and off and keep the gorgeous interiors safe.

It also has an engine swap for the GM’s 3.8 L Series II supercharged V6. Put in some boosters, and it adds up to 240 hp. Thus, the owner can enjoy a fast ride that looks more like a classic roadster than the rather infamously poor Pontiac.

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4 No Spoiler


The later model Fieros had some small spoilers that weren’t too obtrusive. Jasvariour decided to adjust his ’88 model with a larger spoiler, yet it oddly works. The lowered suspension keeps it closer to the ground for further speed, and the new paint job makes it shine nicely on the road.

It’s trickier to handle, but the boost to the engines matches the great look to make this a case of a larger spoiler aiding, not hurting the car.

3 Chopped Solid


“Chopping” cars can be a risk that can often backfire. Yet this 1987 Fiero is quite enticing. The lowered roof adds to the sleek design so, unlike other Fieros, it can be very aerodynamic on the road.

Helping is the addition of a V8 Archie, which automatically puts this miles (literally) ahead of most Fieros. The bright color may put some off, but that lowered roof means a sleeker ride than usual to make this Fiero a white-hot ride on the road.

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2 Fiery Fiero



Often, getting a red Fiero means transforming it into a Ferrari lookalike. But the owner of this 1988 model decided it was best to restore it to glory than ape the classic cars. The engine was swapped for a 2.8 V6 Chevy SB with 170–180 HP.

On top of that, a nitrous boost could enhance the horsepower to 250 hp. There was also lowered suspension and modified hydraulics to help the performance. It adds up to a fiery red showcase that can even outdo a Ferrari of the era on the road.

1 Red Wagon


The Formula version of the Fiero was a rarer beast, but it offered better speeds and was the decent racer the car was always meant to be. The engine hasn’t been altered too much, but modifications include suspensions and overhaul of the internal mechanics to make it spark to better speeds.

The exterior has been shifted to go from the dull ’88 look to the more striking 1985 GT version. The unique lines and style make it look more like a wagon but with some major power under the hood.


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