Meet our Ambassadors – Jenny Halasz

A series of videos that will introduce the OnCrawl brand ambassadors.

We are glad to invite our brand ambassador for the United States: Jenny Halasz.

Jenny, is the President and Founder of JLH Marketing, Inc., a consultancy that specializes in search strategy, with an emphasis on intuitive user experience and successful customer and revenue acquisition. She has been working in the search industry for over a decade and has worked with dozens of clients as well as plenty of small enterprises and startups. She is a regular contributor throughout the industry on podcasts and hangouts. She spoke at SMX, Ungagged, SMS Sydney, Pubcon, State of Search, Conversion Conference, Internet Summit, AMA and other national and international conferences.

• Jenny, can you tell us how and why you started in the SEO industry?

• What’s your feeling regarding the evolution of the SEO industry over the year?

• What’s your favorite topic to cover when you’re writing an article and why?

• What was the most exciting thing you’ve learned in SEO this year?

• You’re very active on Twitter, sharing your views with the community. What’s your point when it comes to evangelizing technical SEO?

• What’s your next conference topic? Can you give us a snapshot?

• On a personal side, what do you do in your free time?

• How does it feel to be an OnCrawl ambassador?

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